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It isn't drinking if you're cooking with it, so the bananas fried in baileys that Matt's preparing is totally... well, still an indulgence, but not an awful one.

Most of the alcohol carmelizes, anyways.

And? It smells so good.

Sep. 6th, 2009

The dream starts in Australia. She's in the back of a hatchback, they're driving along a highway, they pass three tall office buildings. She sees something small being thrown off the top of one, and a large bird shoots out one of the windows and catches it before it can reach the bottom.
A golden eagle sanctuary! She crows, and asks her exchange family (she's there on a student exchange) if that's what it is. They say yes. She explains to them that she learned about those in the Rescuers Down Under. The eagles are easily the size of computer desks. She watches them for a few minutes, they do various eagle things.
When the car strops driving, they're back at Whammy's. She's taking her exchange family on a hiking trip- they're walking up the local creek, which is the size of a river. For some reason, they only move in the water where it's about a foot deepest. It's difficult, but they're laughing, until they sit down for the night and find their legs are covered in leeches and little worms that look like dental floss.
She starts pulling them off and trying to kill them, but once on the ground they shoot away and she has to chase them. Except she's chasing a moth- a huge, black moth.
And she's not outdoors, she's in a bedroom. Mello's bedroom. He's asleep, this moth is on the floor, beating it's wings and buzzing so loudly she's scared it'll wake him. A second one flies into the room through the open window, and he sits up. He isn't mad, like she thought he would be. He gets a metal bowl, and comes to help her trap them. She slides a piece of cardboard underneath it, and goes down the stairs to toss them out the front door. Watari is there, in his dressing gown, with a cup of tea. He comes to watch her do it.
Sadly, when one of the big moth's lands, it's wing cracks off. It isn't a wing- it's a shell casing like on a beetle, and it's purple spotted and red and beautiful, and Matt can't help but feel very sad about it. Mello tells her to come back to bed, they have a big day tomorrow.
The big day is an airplane trip. They wait on board- he's asleep next to her, she's drowsing. The plane takes off, and something is very wrong- it jerks and stops and starts, and she feels nervous. It's terrorists, but suddenly that's been solved and they're crash landing in one of the Great Lakes. The plane puts out an inflateable raft, and Mello gets onto it ahead of her. She has trouble climbing up the ramp she needs to- it's slippery, like wet plastic tends to be. People come, and take them back to the airport.
The problem with that is the bodies. They're all tied to the airport rafters, so no one has seen them yet, but Mello and Matt will be in trouble if they're found. L phones them, frantic, to see if they're okay and to tell them that Near is on the way to pick them up, but he isn't. Near is tied up, hanging, dead in the rafters of the airport parking garage, along with one of the terrorists and Gregory House.
Except that didn't happen- it was a House episode that might have happened. All the other House actors are staging a mutiny against Hugh Laurie, lead by the actress who plays Cameron. If she can get everyone to sign off on this script, then House will be off the show. It's unclear yet whether the title will remain the same.
Mr Laurie himself is quite upset with this, so Matt grabs his hand and the two of them hijack a steamship, a gigantic metal thing that looks like the titanic. They settle in, and live happily ever after. It's a mail-ship, full of undelivered letters, so they live entirely off gingerbread and pound cakes that grandmothers have sent their children in christmas parcels, and make games of finding who can find the most outlandish content in any letter or package.
After Matt discovers tingling anal numbing lubricant, they concede that the game might be over.
She wakes up, rolls over, sits up and yawns. Start of a new day.


A short while after this, Matt is in the kitchen. Wearing no makeup. Still never having owned lipstick. Looking as much like a freak as usual in her goggles. Bundled up in baggy jeans and an undershirt and a tshirt and a sweater and a vest and gloves. Still an a cup. Disappearing into her collar. Her nose is crooked and she doesn't like her thighs and she must be PMSing, because all she wants in the world right now is rare steak, chocolate, and a hot water bottle.
Matt is bundled up to her ears in covers, curled up into a fluffy blob on the sofa. One arm occasionally sneaks out to drag in a handful of potato ships.

This room may be just what the doctor ordered.

obligatory aftermath post

In the kitchen, in a dress for once, blue stockings, heeled boots, Matt is mixing vodka into orange juice. She's found the club room, and is clearly getting ready to make a hell of a night of it.

She isn't upset. Really, she isn't. Her expression is calm, her gun is holstered to her thigh, her hands are steady.
She hacks and coughs her way down into one of the kitchens, slams some pots and pans around, and finally manages to get chicken noodle soup on the stove.

God damn it all.

Jul. 22nd, 2009

She hasn’t touched the vibrator since he found it. First, she was too aware of him having found it, then there was Sweetie and Zombie, then she had to get over the nasty cough she picked up from camping out for most of a week.
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Light goes, eventually, and she stays huddled in the kitchen for a long time afterwards, hands wrapped around a mug of chicken noodle soup, sipping at it thoughtfully.  What is she going to do now?

It's obvious that changes need to be made, but Matt doesn't quite know where to begin.

Jul. 16th, 2009

  1. Light/L, positional asphyxia
  2. Mello/Matt (doesn't matter who's seme), bloodplay
  3. Matt/Near, takes place at the orphanage. Mello walks in on Matt and Near, goes batshit-crazy jealous, and proceeds to blackmail the two into having sex in front of him
  4. Mello/Ryuk
  5. Light/Mello, anonymous sex, rimming, crying, friction...crossdressing (optional)
  6. Gevanni/Near
  7. Genderswitch of the whole cast.
  8. L/virgin!Matt (1)
  9. Mello/L, while L is horrendously ill. (Preferably some kind of respiratory thing, like the flu with a high fever. Mello catching it later is win, too.)
  10. Wedy/Matsuda. She fucks him senseless with a dildo in the Headquarters, totally in charge the whole time while he begs for more. Maybe while Light and L watch on the survalience cameras?
  11. L/the original Eraldo Coil and/or L/the original Danuve, submission from either party involved. Bonus points if neither Coil nor Danuve has a clue just who that odd slouchy "kid" really is.
  12. L gets gang banged by criminals when he was a teenager. The horrid situation becomes a major factor of why he is emotionally detached towards others. Also can add rough sex with L/Light or Light/L with L getting flashbacks from the rape.---àsequel by another author (sequel is mine)
  13. Mello/Near, crossdressing with Near dressed like a Geisha and serving Mello tea
  14. Mello/Near. In the bathroom. With Matt listening outside.
  15. Mello and Near are screwing, but Near's pregnant, making Mello all caring and gentle.
  16. Gevanni/Near. For some reason, Near has taken it upon himself to get dressed up in a frilly pink dress. Gevanni finds this totally erotic, Near notices and starts responding to this until Gevanni can't take it any more and fucks him senseless. While still in the frilly pink dress.
  17. Light/girl!Matt, rough sex, multiple positions, fingering, fellatio. Matt's playing double-agent, and Light won't let her forget it.